• 27.10.2016
    Day 1
  • HackathonCon
09:00 Check-In

10:00 Warm-Up & Kick-off

Robert Jänisch, Hamdreza Hosseini

10:15 Keynote Bob Frankston

Bob Frankston is best known for his work as co-creator of VisiCalc, the original electronic spreadsheet that gave rise to the term “Killer-App”. Bob began programming in 1963 and by 1966 was online helping to build one of the first online financial information services. It gave him the opportunity to work from home and experience personal computing. The theme of empowering people has been and continues to be the focus of his career. When at Microsoft he initiated the effort to network home computers, creating opportunity for innovations in connected personal computing. Bob is a Distinguished Lecturer with the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society and member of its Board of Governors. He frequently speaks on connectivity and emerging technologies. Bob has degrees in computer science, EE and mathematics from MIT. He is a fellow of the Computer History Museum, IEEE and the ACM and has received numerous awards for his work over the years. Today Bob continues his work to empower people and to help understand a world fundamentally transformed by the concept of software.

10:30 Briefing und Materialausgabe

10:45 Start Makerthon Session 

Ab jetzt haben die Hackathon Teams freie Hand und können loslegen.

11:00 Coaching & Mentoring

15:00 Pitch Training & Support

16:00 Deadline Video-Pitchs

17:30 Auswahl und Bekanntmachung Top 3-Pitchs durch die Jury

19:15 Gewinner Pitches vor 150 Investoren, Hauptbühne Startup Con 2016